Something stinks!

USP_Logo_txOften when you have a sewer problem, the warning signs are there. Whether it’s a foul odor, slow draining or a backup – you know you have a problem.

Fortunately for homeowners with Service Line Warranties of America coverage, their stinky problems are quickly fixed, with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

No Money Down the Drain

David, a homeowner from Colorado, knew there was something wrong with his sewer when he found the backup. He suspected someone flushed something they shouldn’t have.

SLWA quickly sent a technician to David’s home to identify the problem.

“The Customer Service Representative was pleasant to work with and sent an honest technician,” said David.

Once identified, our team made the repairs quickly with no additional out-of-pocket expense.

“Thanks for saving us thousands of dollars that would have been difficult for us to come up with since we’re in our 70s and on a fixed income,” said David. “Protect your interests by getting the protection that Service Line Warranties of America offers.”

No Fuss, No Bill

Ed, a homeowner from Texas, discovered a clog when sewage backed up into his garage. While he jokingly said his initial thoughts weren’t printable, he knew to call SLWA.

“With this sort of problem, you are unable to use plumbing for fear of backup into the house and causing further damage,” said Ed. “With one call, SLWA handled the situation fast and professional from start to finish and with follow-up feedback.”

Ed is delighted our program is offered in his city to the community.

“Do not hesitate to enroll,” said Ed. “Do yourself a favor. Even if you never need it, the peace of mind alone is worth much more than what you pay for this service.” Ed continued, “Think about it? Have you ever, on your own, tried to get a plumber to come out and fix a problem with your sewer line and then get the bill afterwards?”

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