What is Grey Water?

We can’t create water, but we can reuse it.

As drought continues to affect many areas, even through the winter, researchers have developed new ways to clean and reuse water.

Grey water isn’t a new term, but it’s certainly gained more attention recently. But what is it? Grey water is the recycled water from showers, baths and washing machines. It is cloudy in appearance, but not as dark as sewage water.

Some communities are installing systems to trap grey water before it enters sewage systems for treatment. Researchers have determined that this recycled wastewater is safe for some uses. Grey water can be used for irrigation on gardens, lawns, flower beds and other areas.

Through the use of grey water systems, communities can reduce their overall water consumption, especially during the warmer months. Homeowners can water the lawns and gardens frequently without worrying about additional costs since they’ll create a water supply every time they shower and wash laundry.

Although recycled grey water is safe for gardens and lawns, it’s not safe for consumption or for watering food plants. No harmful chemicals are involved in the filtration process and in many instances, grey water has proven to aid in the reclamation of nutrients in topsoil.

For more information about grey water and its uses, visit Home and Garden, WiseGeek, and Greywater Action.

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