Holiday Plumbing Tips

FB TestimonialAs a homeowner, hosting a holiday gathering like Thanksgiving can be a lot of fun, but it can spell disaster for your plumbing. Extra houseguests means an added strain on your pipes, putting your plumbing into overdrive with additional flushing and running water. Following these simple tips can keep your family focused on the holiday fun and not a plumbing emergency.


  • Inspect your toilet before the holiday gathering to check for leaks.
  • Keep a plunger handy in case something clogs.
  • Inspect the water heater to ensure proper functioning prior to the festivities.


  • Pour grease, oil or food down the drain. Pour grease and oil into a container and throw the entire container away.
  • Use an extra-thick toilet paper. Opt for 1-ply or thinner versions that are easier to breakdown.
  • Put stringy, fibrous, starchy waste or bones in the garbage disposal because they cannot be sufficiently broken down and will cause a clog.

Happy Holidays!