Customer Story: Bringing Peace of Mind

iStock_000000798259Large - BackhoeWhen Jim Hunt, advisor to Service Line Warranties of America, received a call from his 91-year-old mother about a slow drain, the last thing on his mind was a broken sewer pipe.

“I talk to hundreds of cities and officials each year about Service Line Warranties of America as an advisor and former councilmember in West Virginia,” said Hunt. “I never dreamed I would learn firsthand the value of this service. We talk about the inconvenience of a failed water or sewer line, but when you or someone you love experiences a failure, you have no idea what a problem it is.”

Mr. Hunt’s mother lives with his brother, who is confined to a wheelchair, in an older home. As many children do, Mr. Hunt tries his best to keep things in the house in working order for his family, so when the call came about a slow sink drain, he headed out to assess the situation.

Assuming it was just a clog, Mr. Hunt contacted a local plumber who delivered the bad news to his mother and brother. There was a broken line somewhere in the yard.

“My mother called me and was in tears,” said Hunt. “They told her that it would be over two weeks before they could fix it and that there was no way to estimate the cost.” While the cost was of concern to her, the more pressing problem was waiting for the repair. “My brother is a quadriplegic and cannot be cared for out of the home unless he is admitted to the hospital. I rushed over to my mother’s house and everyone was in a panic.”

Thankfully, Mr. Hunt reminded his mother she enrolled with Service Line Warranties of America when the city had joined in 2007 – which would cover this claim. He contacted the toll-free repair line and within an hour received a call that a contractor was on the way, and soon a van arrived.

“They used a camera to inspect the line and found a large piece of the line had broken,” said Hunt. “It was pouring down rain and getting dark, so the workmen cleared the clogged area and assured us they would return in the morning.”

The next morning, utility companies marked the lines and the contractor began to dig. The backhoe was too large to fit in the fence, so a section had to be removed. While Mr. Hunt’s family watched intently from the porch, he reassured them the work was fully covered. After several hours, the line repairs were complete, the contractor reattached the fence and restored the area.

“We received several calls from Service Line Warranties of America during the claim to make sure the repairs were going smoothly and that my mother and brother were okay,” said Hunt. “It is one thing to tell people how the program works, but it is even better to see it in action! The care and concern by everyone involved was touching and knowing that they are there in the future gives me peace of mind that my loved ones are protected.”