What’s that noise?

Plumbing supplies

That’s not a ghost – it’s your pipes. Plumbing can make a variety of sounds, from loud hammering to high-pitched squeals, for a variety of reasons, from loose pipes to water-logged air chambers or too much pressure in the lines.

Loud Plumbing

Banging or squeaky pipes typically mean they need a cushion or anchor to hold them steady. Loud, hammering pipes occur when you turn the water off too quickly forcing the pressure to come to a halt. Remember to turn it off slowly.

Noisy Toilet

If the toilet seems to be louder than normal, you might have restricted water flow or a defective part. Before examining your toilet though, remember to turn off the shutoff valve first to avoid a bigger mess. The biggest culprits causing noisy toilets are:

  • Float Arms
  • Tank Stopper
  • Cracked overflow tubes
  • Corroded flush valve seals
  • Water-filled float ball

Noisy plumbing is typically the sign of a problem that should be addressed. Whether a simple leak, loud pipes or a noisy toilet, having a plumber check out the problem can alleviate the situation before it becomes a bigger and more expensive headache.