Terms and Conditions Feature: Road and Sidewalk Coverage


For fresh water to be delivered to your home, it is processed by a treatment plant and travels through an underground network of pipes to reach your home. As a result, when these lines break, it’s possible that the sidewalk or road will need to be cut to repair the portion of pipe that is your responsibility. Sidewalk or road cutting can dramatically increase service line repair costs!

Work involving roadways and sidewalks not only requires a skilled laborer to make the repair, but also requires permits, traffic control, inspection to ensure the work was done properly and more. Man hours over the course of several days can add up, leaving the homeowner with a hefty repair bill for which he has not budgeted.

With Service Line Warranties of America, one of the most important repair program benefits is repair coverage for street and sidewalk cutting to ensure that homeowners are not left with additional out-of-pocket expenses. You can find more information online about this coverage feature in your city-specific Terms and Conditions.