Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is a great time to perform a maintenance check on your plumbing. Water usage soars during the summer months from heat and summer-time activities. As we play and swim, many families will find themselves with a few extra loads of laundry per week and maybe a few extra showers. Start the season off right with a quick check throughout your home and property to conserve water and avoid a hefty repair bill.

In the Home

  • Check washing machine hoses for bulges, leaks and cracks. Washing machine hoses should be replaced every three years.
  • Be sure your washing machine is at least four inches from the wall so hoses won’t kink and damage.
  • Do a thorough cleaning on your dryer lint trap regularly to avoid buildup.
  • Don’t send grease, fats or food down the drain. When washing foods like corn, be sure the strings don’t go down the drain and clog your pipes.
  • Heat and humidity will cause ducts to create condensation, which can easily back up drains if they are not clear. Check for leaks and condensation on your pipes regularly.
  • Clean up your garbage disposal by placing a cup of ice inside. Then, while running cold water, turn on the unit. Repeat a few times to ensure it’s clean. Then place a capful of vegetable oil down the disposal, which will act as a natural lubricant.


  • Inspect hoses and outdoor faucets for leaks and cracks.
  • Don’t just turn off the hose nozzle; turn it off at the connection. A leaky hose could burst under pressure if water is still pumping, causing water loss and ruining your equipment.
  • Set up a rainwater barrel to collect water for your plants. This not only helps conserve water for the environment, but will help you save money on your water bill.

Extended Trips

  • Going away for a while? Turn off the water and turn down the temperature. This will save energy while you’re away and in the event of a leak or break, prevent a bigger mess from occurring.

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